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Safety Measures

We strictly apply all the measures required by the Portuguese Ministry of Health and WHO, to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff at Sunlight House.
We ask for your cooperation to ensure that you spend an excellent vacation and help us to minimize the risk of transmission of this new Covid virus19.

Let's take care of each other, complying with all the precaution measures, in order to be back to the arms of our loved ones and our daily lives as soon as possible.

Guests Rules

  1. Guests must provide at the check-in a proof of a valid vaccination certificate, or a negative covid test, or a valid covid recovery certificate.

  2. Guests must always wear a mask and/or visor in all common areas of the building, except for breakfast time, so you can eat. If not, the reception offers masks for 5€.

  3. Guests should use the alcohol-gel dispensers, available in the common areas of the building, to keep the hands always disinfected.

  4. Avoid touching the decorative objects.

  5. Keep the distance of 1.5m from other guests and employees, always avoiding physical contact.

  6. They should carry out daily self-monitoring for fever assessment, cough or difficulty breathing. It is mandatory to report any change in health status that indicates signs of covid infection, even if tenuous covid symptoms ( fever, cough, lack of taste or smell and shortness of breath), before, during or even after the stay.

  7. You can request the help of the staff at any time in order to clarify any questions about the correct security procedures, inside and outside the accommodation, or if you wish to alert you to any irregular situation.

  8. If you wish you can contact the management at reception or via phone / WhatsApp 00351 920 540 207, email

Our Safety Measures

General Procedures

Each area/room are cleaned and sanitized by only one employee, avoiding simultaneity of colleagues.

Trash is be removed from each of the areas/rooms daily, even if they are not full.

Common areas and elevator

All common areas of the building are disinfected a minimum of three times a day, including elevator booth, door handles and all hand contact areas. In each area there will be a cleaning log sheet that will be filled in by the daily cleaning officer.


The sheets are washed at high temperatures (+60 degrees) by a company specialized in the sterilization of hospitality clothing.

The room is completely disinfected after the guest's stay.


Shared WCs

The shared bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected properly several times a day and have alcohol-gel and disposable wipes so that the guest can perform a self-disinfection of the contact areas if necessary.



For safety reasons, at the moment, the kitchen and its utensils (except the refrigerator) are forbidden to guests, as a temporary measure, to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, because after breakfast, all utensils are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the staff.

We appreciate your understanding.


Terrace and living room

All objects are cleaned and disinfected every day. The guest must ensure that the maintenance of the level of cleaning and disinfection of common objects is not compromised, minimizing direct physical contact with them.

Helpfull information

- Emergencie Number 112

​- Pharmacies

- Hospitals and Clinics

- Fire Station: +351 289 888 000

- Post Office: CTT - Largo do Carmo 8000-999 Faro

- Clean and Safe Platform

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