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Terms & Conditions

Check in 03:00 PM | Check out 11:00 AM

Late Check in (until 1 AM) € 10 | Late Check out (until 2 PM) € 20


Payment Policies

- You will be charged for the total amount of the reservation when booking on this page, and in case of cancellation up to 7 days before the day of check-in, the 1st night will be charged and the difference will be refunded to the card used in the reservation.

- The 1st night is non refundable.

- City tax is payable only in cash upon arrival (From March to October) 1,50€ per person per night.


Booking confirmation

- The website’s reservation system will immediately send an automatic email, confirming the deposit payment.

- The booking will be confirmed by Sunlight House within 24h to 48h. An email will be sent with all the reservation details.


Cancellation and Alteration Policies

- Any cancellation or alterations to the original reservation must be requested via email to, up to 7 days before the check-in date, the 1st night will not be refunded, however you can use this credit in a future reservation up to 6 months from the check-in date of the original reservation. After the 7th day before the check-in date, no alterations or cancellations will be accepted and no refund will be given.

- After checking in, no cancellation / alterations to the original reservation will be accepted.

- Alterations will only be accepted until 7 days before the arrival day and the reservation dates can be modified up to 6 months after the original booking dates, and the credit of the 1st night can be used. There will be no refund for cheaper rates than the original and if the new price is higher, the guest should pay the difference at the check-in, in cash, DC or CC (we don’t accept Amex). Alterations will only be accepted if the new date is available to accommodate the guest.

- Sunlight House reserves the right to cancel the website reservation for a higher reason at any time. As a result of a forced cancellation, Sunlight House will proceed immediately to a full refund of the reservation, previously paid by the guest, to the card used.

House Rules

- We do not accept small children or babies.

- We do not accept pets.

- Loss of room keys will be charged 25€

- Keep silent from 10 pm, respect the other guests

- Towels stained with make-up/sunscreen or damaged will be charged (Large Towels 8€ / Small Towels 6€)

- Room towels cannot be taken to the beach

- All damaged objects will be charged

- We do not accept pets

- If you show clear signs of states of consciousness altered by drugs or alcohol, or exhibit aggressive behavior, we will be forced to call the authorities and you will be forced to leave the building without any refund.

- Sunlight House reserves the right to cancel any reservation that doesn’t respect these rules, no refunds will be granted.

Safety and Keys

Keep your room door loked and the House doors closed at any time.

Lose or damaging the Room keys will be charged 25eur


- Common areas are cleaned everyday

- Double rooms with shared bathrooms are cleaned and towels changed every 2 days (Extra towels > 3€). Sheets are changed every 3 nights for stays longer than 5 nights (Extra sheets change > 7€).

- EnSuite rooms are cleaned and towels changed every day. Sheets are changed every 3 nights for stays longer than 5 nights (Extra sheets change > 7€).


- If you decide to skip daily cleaning, please place the label (“Don’t clean my room”) outside the door of your room.


Energy saving

Be responsible and turn off room lighting and electronic devices when you leave. Avoid leaving electronic chargers connected on stand by and any device that may cause unnecessary consumption energy or short circuits.



Help us to take care for our environment. Reduce the amount of waste and minimize the impact of using non-recyclable packaging.


Medical emergency > +351 112

Local Police > +351 289 899 899

Firefighters > +351 289 888 000

Pharmacies >

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